The History of Instagram

The History of Instagram

For most people, life without social media or even without a constant connection to the web via a phone or computer is hard to even imagine. It’s also hard to determine the time when social media giants like Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter were all just ideas being tossed around by entrepreneurs.

Instagram was one such idea merely eight years ago, with two founders and a photo sharing dream. Through several basic posts, they built the framework for a massive social media empire, starting trends of food photography, animal pics, emojis, and more.

The primary goal of Instagram was to create a community where people could hang out and share what was going on in their personal lives because the founders realized that anyone could create a photo sharing app, but they wanted a community. More than that, they wanted a community that would interact with one another globally.

Trends on Instagram

Over time, the community began to personalize Instagram with trends, such as taking photos of food, making accounts for pets, and using hashtags to symbolize lasting trends and movements. This has proven to be beneficial for both consumers and business owners alike, as they can see where people and money are following and then jump in to take advantage of that.

Instagram stories started as a way to emulate Snapchat, creating videos that last for 24 hours in order to focus on people who have a smaller attention span than normal. This also allows users to communicate effectively with their fans and even do rapid-fire question and answer sessions. They can also drive fans to their main accounts as well as the photos and feeds that are there.

Shout outs can also boost a brand and ensure that the popularity is spread from one group of Instagram followers to the next. By having influencers shout out one another, or even shouting out the feeds of some of their fans, more people can be connected to things that matter to them.

Longer video times have also been added by Instagram itself, allowing for influencers to avoid the one-minute restriction and post longer and more thoughtful videos to their audience. People can even buy followers and likes to further increase their communities, attracting real people to the growing numbers.

Getting to more followers

Instagram isn’t ready to rest on its laurels just yet, and instead, it’s preparing to take on even more followers and perhaps even surpass Facebook. With a new and younger generation of followers coming onto the platform, the company is ready to make big changes.

As Instagram keeps on growing and expanding in this increasingly digital age, it really is motivational to look back at the first few posts that started it all and started the various trends and habits that so many use now to promote themselves and their brand.

Now’s the best time to hop on the Instagram train and start to grow along with the site! Who knows what that growth will mean for newcomers, but it might start a trend all its own.

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