Things That You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media

Things That You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media

Social media is a fun escape from the realities of the world. Millions of people around the world use at least one site to interact and engage with. Meeting new people is just the start of the fun that you gain when using social media. However, this online journal does have limitations, even when it is your page. There are some things that simply don’t belong on social media. Look at some of those things below.

Constant Sales/Promotions

A shout out now and again or a unique product for sale is suitable for the page, however it this is all that you do, the audience will grow tired or frustrated and won’t give you a second chance to make things right.


Everyone loves to see a good selfie and it is rewarding to snap photos of yourself. However, it becomes a nuisance if this is all that you use social media to handle.

Cookie Cutter Posts

Are you a cookie cutter poster? These posts are the same in nature and never give the audience anything new or different. Trust that your audience will grow tired if they see the same sorts of things all the time.

Abusive Content

Abusive content is a turn off on social media and may get you in a lot of hot water both on the platform that you’re using and with your audience. Refrain from posting derogatory or hateful material on your page.


Some people think they are just words; other people are offended when they hear them. So, it is best to avoid using profanity on social media at all.

Boring Posts

What are you uploading to IG? People can interact with the post only if it offers them something of value or interest. Take the time to pick out the posts that you will share to ensure quality and that they can be a great conversation starter.

Personal Information

It is okay to share a bit of information about yourself, however meme that most of the people out there are strangers and it is anyone’s guess who is really behind the screen. Be leery of any information you choose to put out there for others to see.


Oh, the grammar police will find you and they’ll haunt you if your posts contain typos or misspellings. However, there is a far worse risk that comes as a result of typos and that is looking less than professional. It is important to showcase your expertise in the field on social media so double check every post.

Social media sites like Instagram provide an amazing opportunity for anyone who enjoys large crowds and fun. The sites are free to use, easy to use, and provide an abundance of tools to use to get your name out there and meet new people. Kick start your social media presence with a best Instagram followers buy and the knowledge of the types of posts that you don’t want to see in Insta!

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